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16th February 2016

Here at MS Electrical, electrical safety is top of our agenda, and it’s why our customers value our services and expertise. But we wonder how many people know even the basics about electric shocks. How much electricity can the human body stand? And how much can kill you?

Well, here’s a very quick overview from Mark Smith, owner of MS Electrical, which many may find shocking.

“Our advice to all our customers is to remember that the same amount of energy needed to light up a tiny Christmas tree light could also be enough to kill you in the right conditions,” says Mark. “But why can electricity be so dangerous? Purely and simply because electricity can flow from one point to another along anything that will conduct it. A highly conductive substance for electricity is water, which represents about 70% of the human body. But even with all that water inside our bodies, electricity doesn’t flow through us without obstruction as it can come across resistance on its journey. This resistance can cause some of the electrical energy to turn into heat, and that heat can burn. Electricity can also cause muscle contractions, which even at small levels can make muscles lock into position, and this in turn makes it more difficult to let go of whatever is delivering the current, thus increasing the risk. Muscle contractions can cause falls, injuries and, in more serious cases, cardiac arrest.

“I’m sometimes asked how much electricity a human body can withstand. The answer to this is that it depends on a number of factors, including the person’s health, the amount of electrical current, the length of time exposed to the current and the level of moisture in the environment. A key factor is also where the electricity enters and exits your body. For example, if electricity enters your body through your left hand, it’s probably going to try to exit into the ground through your left foot, passing right through your heart along the way. You can feel the effects of electricity as low as 1 milliampere, but only 100 times that level can bring about heart fibrillation in just three seconds. That’s a tiny fraction of the electricity it takes to power the average toaster.”

At MS Electrical we’re passionate about educating our customers and protecting them from any form of electric shock. Our mantra is always to assume that any wire that you see anywhere carries enough electricity to kill you. And from fuseboxes and light fittings to portable appliances we can ensure you stay safe with our PAT testing and fixed wire testing services in Cambridge. Please contact us for further details.

We have been extremely pleased with the service provided by MS Electrical. In all our dealings with them they have proven to be efficient, reliable and a pleasure to deal with. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.

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